How Many Individuals Around The World Suffer From Depression

How Many Individuals Around The World Suffer From Depression

People are suffering from depression all over the world. There are different factors which cause depression. Point is that why a person suffers from depression. Unhealthy lifestyle and routine are the major factors which can cause depression. Excessive workload and tension is also the factor which causes depression. From minor to adults everybody is affected by depression. The actual cause is none and everything that causes tension and complex is the reason behind it.

Causes of depression can be as follows:


If something is bothering a person, he overthinks and if their problem arises with the thing he is thinking about can cause depression. Repetitive thinking is the reason why people suffer from depression.

Lack of joy:

When a person loses interest in everything and cuts him off with the general public or his friends and family is the hint he has entered the first stage of depression. People go through up and downs and also the mood swings. Feeling of joy vanishes and they enter the state of sorrow.

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Mental pressure:

If a person is working too much and if he has invested in something whether its time or money can face mental pressure. Failure of a person causes mental depression.

Many people are affected by depression and this is becoming an issue of concern. People die if they face depression continuously. The government has surveyed part of the world and concluded that around 70 to 80% of the population is affected by depression. In many parts of the world, people are dying because of depression. Everyone faces depression with respect to his personal or work life. Some people have ambitions and dreams and also some of them fail to achieve them. Failure and loss of hope cause depression to enter life. One should know how to control such situations and live happily.

Happiness is the only cure for curing and overcoming depression. If a person enjoys and remains tension-free then he doesn’t face depression. People should notice or advice their friends or family members if they ate affected by depression. Things do not remain same throughout life and everyone should learn how to lead life happily. Failing to do so can cause depression. Those who are affected can visit centers opened by the govt. At these centers, several activities and measures are being followed to cure people’s condition.

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These centers are working towards the welfare of the people in many different ways:

  • Psychiatric help: doctors are available to assist the patients. They exactly know how to deal with such people. They also provide medications to such people. People suffering are properly diagnosed.
  • Meditation: meditation classes are held at centers to make people forget about the things which are bothering them. people get a pleasant feeling after these classes and step by step they start overcoming depression.

Talking about depression is not going to end. Everybody should take a stand and if you find anyone who is depressed help them, talk to them understand the situation and if possible help them by suggesting a solution to them.