How Can One Seek Help If They Have Mental Health Problems

How Can One Seek Help If They Have Mental Health Problems

Mental health is as important as the physical health, as it is the major components governing the overall well-being and sobriety of the individual. Earlier it was taboo even to talk about this, but now various initiatives taken by respective government and NGOs has given its public acceptance, and people have spreading awareness about it.

The problem faced:

People with mental illness still face discrimination, social-stigmatization, much awareness, and its remedies are needed to be taken. Sometimes in the garb of mental health treatment human rights are violated and low quality of treatment are provided which affect people more. Moreover, even the loved ones impliedly ostracize the mental illness patients and these results in personality disorder. These are few problems but the full picture is even worst.

Considering the case of India, the country with a population of more than 1.2 billion, spends less than 1% of its annual health budget. Also, 92% of the people suffering from mental health do not have fair access to the treatment. Now you can understand its gravity.

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How can you seek help to cure mental health:

Nowadays various countries have recognized it by the official bill of parliament as a disease and have established its well-equipped treatment center. Like India has passed the Mental Healthcare Act (2017), which entails the government to provide affordable, accessible and high-quality health care to the patients.

The first is to give elbow room to the patients to express them freely, in this way their problem can be understood very well and can act as a problem-solving.  It is recommended to take a professional help if there is the escalation of the problem. There is a well-qualified psychiatrist who can provide you or your loved ones a path to come back to normal state. Although sometimes it gets cure by taking medication process yet natural healing is preferred method.

It is highly advised to share your feeling with your relatives or encourage them to speak about their choice. Mental health problem is of various types and it depends from person to person which problem they are facing. It is good to visit a doctor, who can provide you with better treatment, and don’t indulge in self-curing, it can harm you much.

The professional will provide you with the best possible treatment according to your problem. You will be advised to take some medication process, change in your lifestyle, or starting physical exercises. All these will help you to come back to the normal state. Nowadays, a personal coach is being provided who are qualified and experienced one, who helps you to plan daily routine.

The best part is that various programs of the awareness campaign are being provided by WHO (world health organization), NGOs, government, a private institute which are educating the people.

So it this article, you have learned about the various domains associated with the mental health, it would be great and very helpful if you spread the word which you have gained from here, this can cater many people.

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